Crunch Time

We are nearing the end of our time here at Propel sadly:( It’s kinda odd to think this much time has passed. It feels not long ago we all Just arrived here at Nelson Mac, But I guess time flies when you are having fun. But all that aside, WE ARE NEARING THE END… Everyone … More Crunch Time


Nelson Mac floor hockey is not too shabby, definitely not as intense as Glenlawns, but still very fun, enjoyable, and very physically active. The Propel team’s roster includes Galloping peacocks star forward Cody Potapoff, Nelson Mac’s own garbage man Sean Kohli, Glenlawn girls all star Cecilia, our goon big Josh Johnson, are starting goaltender Areyan, … More #50in’16

Career symposium

I was at the Louis Riel Board Office for most of the day on Monday, I arrived there shortly after 1:00 pm and started moving tables and chairs around right away. As 10 minutes passed by a wave of more students, mostly from Nelson Mac arrived and were ready to help. There were a plenty … More Career symposium

Yeezus walks 

Photo taken by Ken Phrakonekhamūüďł First off, if you didnt go to the Kayne West show last night. I’m sorry but you missed quite the preformace. Love or hate the man, he knows how to entertain and fill every expectation a crowd could want and ask for.Yeezy had a fantasitc mix of new, hits and … More Yeezus walks¬†

This Is Not Happening!

This unique storytelling show features various amounts of comedians. Ranging from very well known and respected comics, to fairly new and starting up open mic’ers  The host and major brainchild of the successful  web series, This is Not Happening;  Is Ari Shaffir. The first season premiered in 2013. All true stories told on stage by … More This Is Not Happening!